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Monovision in Aransas Pass TX

Monovision lenses in Aransas Pass TX

Monovision in Aransas Pass TX

Monovision in Aransas Pass TX

Vision impairments are not at all uncommon, but as commonplace as they are, each case is unique. With annual eye exams and vision tests, you can keep up with your vision needs as they develop and change with time, and your ophthalmologist can adjust your prescription as needed. Certain types of vision problems can be treated with specialty lenses that address specific problems, which is often the case with presbyopia. Here at Rockport Eye Associates we can offer you solutions like monovision in Aransas Pass TX to help.

Presbyopia is a vision condition where it is difficult to see both up close and faraway. It is a bit of a combination between nearsightedness and farsightedness. As a result, it can be difficult to find a single pair of lenses that can provide you with the different magnified strengths you need in order to see clearly at both distances. With glasses, presbyopia is often treated by using bifocals. Bifocals split the lens down the middle horizontally. If you look at the bottom half of the lens, you can see up close. If you look at the upper half of the lens, you can see far away. People with presbyopia may wear contacts for faraway distances but still wear reading glasses to see up close. Monovision lenses look to change that. Here at Rockport Eye Associates we can give you the eye exam you need while also paying attention to factors that may determine whether monovision lenses are right for you.

Monovision lenses are a great solution for people who wish to reduce their need for “readers” or glasses that help them see up close, but may not quite benefit from bifocal lenses. With monovision in Aransas Pass TX, you wear a contact lens on one eye to correct your distance vision and a contact lens on your other eye to correct your near vision. If you would like to learn more or if you would like to test out a pair of monovision lenses, visit us here at Rockport Eye Associates.

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Portland TX Eye Doctor


It is an unfortunate fact, but most people are not aware of how important their eye health is, resulting in eye health often going overlooked. Many people remember to schedule regular physical exams or dental cleanings but fail to schedule such appointments with their eye doctor or optometrist. Comprehensive eye care is invaluable, even to patients who have no vision impairment or known eye problems. Vision is subject to change, especially as people age, and eye diseases or injury can occur to anyone. Here at Rockport Eye Associates, our Portland TC eye doctor can provide you with the complete eye care that you need to stay healthy and fit.

Your eye health is incredibly important. Making sure that you have the proper eye exams yearly can help prevent eye diseases from advancing and can help identify any vision changes before they become too much of a hindrance. Comprehensive eye exams are recommended for everyone, but they are extremely important for individuals who have a family medical history of eye disease. Monitoring your eye health can significantly help identify the presence of any such diseases or conditions in their earliest stages, ensuring that the proper treatment is taken as soon as possible. For patients with eye allergies, it is just as important to monitor your symptoms. Many symptoms of common eye allergies are shared with inflammations, infections or injuries of the eye, such as pink eye or even corneal abrasions. Making sure that you are taking care of your eye health can save your eyes and your vision in the future. As far as vision goes, a comprehensive exam here at Rockport Eye Associates can also make sure that your vision is up to speed and any changes in prescription are taken note of.

Our eye doctor at Rockport Eye Associates in Portland TX can provide you with all of the information you need regarding your eye and vision health. Monitoring your eye health can benefit your overall eye heath, preserve your vision, and make sure that any conditions are caught before they advance and cause damage. Don’t let your eyes go unchecked and schedule an appointment with our eye doctor here at Rockport Eye Associates today.

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