Professional Eye Care in Rockport TX

Comprehensive eye care in Rockport TX

Professional eye care in Rockport TX

Professional eye care in Rockport TX

Comprehensive eye care means regular vision screenings, but also a lot more. Here at Rockport Eye Associates, our goal is to ensure that your vision is always at its highest level and that your eyes remain healthy. In the even that you do develop a common eye disease, our read this will administer the appropriate treatment to promote your optical wellness.

We recommend a yearly eye exam for all of our valued patients. It includes various tests that are designed to measure how well you see up close, at a distance, and from side-to-side (peripheral). It is true that your vision is always changing with time. You may have gone your whole life without any need for corrective lenses, but now you might be able to take advantage of them to upgrade your vision from just adequate to outstanding. And if you do wear glasses or contacts, an update to your current prescription may be just what you’ve been needing. As vital as your vision needs are, there is another essential aspect of our professional eye care in Rockport TX, and that’s the diagnosis and management of eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. You will be checked for them as part of your annual eye exam, because they don’t present any obvious symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. However, if you do experience any signs that can indicate a problem with your eyes, don’t hesitate to contact our read this right away. We’re also pleased to offer expert attention for children, including infants. We’re the one place to turn to for your whole family’s eye needs.

Just schedule a simple and painless eye exam by contacting us right now. With us on your side, you can look forward to many years of healthy eyes and the sharpest, clearest vision you can achieve.

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