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Portland TX eyeglasses

Portland TX eyeglasses

For all your needs when it comes to eyeglasses, from designer frames to specialty lenses, we at Rockport Eye Associates are your experts. We are pleased to provide eyeglass lenses such as high index plastic, progressive, polycarbonate, aspheric, trivex, and photochromic, to give you the maximum benefit from our Portland TX eyeglasses.

High index plastic are useful for fitting a strong prescription into a thin pair of frames. Instead of really thick lenses, you will have ones that are more streamlined and therefore allowing you to select the frames of your choice. Aspheric are similar, but also give a more natural vision and more consistent width throughout the lens. If you are seeking scratch-resistant lenses that are durable, polycarbonate fit the bill. You may have a hobby, sport, or profession that subjects your glasses to a high risk of scratching or damage; or you might simply be prone to accidents when handling your glasses. Trivex is another great choice in this area, but they include the benefit of sharper vision than polycarbonate, though they may be a bit more expensive. Progressive lenses are also called no-line bifocals, but they are truly multifocal. You will get improved vision not just up close and far away, but in that crucial intermediate range also. And they eliminate the unsightly line of traditional bifocals. And if you like the idea of glasses that adjust to the lighting, whether outside or inside, you will be excited about getting our Portland TX eyeglasses with photochromic lenses. All of the above are available from our optical store because we believe that flexibility is important not only in your vision correction, but in your comfort and sense of style.

If you have a current prescription, just stop in and let our optician show you the choices you have in lenses. Or if you have not had an eye exam in the last year, just call us and schedule one. We make it a priority to maximize your experience with our Portland TX eyeglasses.

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