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Portland Texas glaucoma care Making sure that your eyes are healthy is important, but can often go overlooked. Not many people are aware of just how important routine eye exams happen to be. These sorts of screenings are not just meant for people with vision problems or those who already have eye problems – even though there are risk factors that can make any one individual more likely to develop an eye condition, anyone can develop an eye disease so it is always best to make sure that you get the comprehensive eye care that you need. Here at Rockport Eye Associates, we can provide you with comprehensive eye exams as well as Portland Texas glaucoma care, as well.

When you go in for an eye exam, your eye doctor looks for a lot of things. They test your visual acuity, they look at the whites of your eyes, they examine how your pupils react to light, they look at your retina at the back of the pupil and they test your intraocular eye pressure. Any discrepancies in these tests or reactions can be the first sign of a serious eye condition. If our glaucoma eye doctor here at Rockport Eye Associates finds that your intraocular eye pressure is a bit high, then you may have glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States, but can easily go unnoticed without routine eye exams. The first sign of glaucoma is an increase of intraocular eye pressure which can damage your retina over time and may eventually lead to vision loss or complete blindness. The scary thing about glaucoma is the fact that the earlier signs can only be measured during an eye exam – there are usually no noticeable symptoms until vision damage begins to occur. This is why eye exams are so important. If your exam shows that you have glaucoma, then we here at Rockport Eye Associates can provide you with the Portland Texas glaucoma care that you need to monitor your symptoms and treat them before they cause blindness.

If you have diabetes or if you have a family medical history of glaucoma then you should make sure to schedule more frequent eye exams with your optometrist in order to catch this condition as early on as possible. Even if you do not exhibit either of these risk factors, eye exams are still important for your overall eye health and can help you preserve your vision. If you need Portland Texas glaucoma care, we here at Rockport Eye Associates can provide you with everything that you need.

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