Portland Glaucoma Treatment

Portland Glaucoma Treatment

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma in Portland

You may not have any symptoms, but you could still be suffering with the eye disease called glaucoma. Unfortunately, signs of it do not typically appear until it has reached an advanced stage. If that sounds dangerous, you’re right. Optic nerve damage and vision loss, up to and including blindness may result. Here at Rockport Eye Associates, you can count on expert diagnosis and treatment.

The way that glaucoma develops is that your eyes begin to create more fluid than they are able to drain. Fluid subsequently builds up, and the effect is that pressure inside your eye increases, eventually reaching a hazardous level. If symptoms do appear, it is an indication of the later stage of the disease and your need for our Portland glaucoma treatment immediately. Among them are vision loss, eye redness, eye pain, tunnel vision, seeing halos around light in your field of vision, and nausea and vomiting when combined with one or more of the other signs. Accurate diagnosis means a complete eye exam, including tonometry, a test that measures your internal eye pressure. Additional testing may be necessary so that a conclusive determination can be made. Our Portland glaucoma treatment may be as simple as special eye drops that reduce your fluid production to restore balance. They do not work for everyone, however, and the downside is that you have to keep taking them for life. For a more long term solution, consider laser surgery, which improves the efficiency of fluid drainage; or the creation of a new drainage channel through microsurgery. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma, but with early detection and prompt care, you can be rescued from the impact of it.

Maximize your eye health and take advantage of our Portland glaucoma treatment. Contact our office right now to arrange an appointment to be screened.

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