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Eye Doctor Aransas County

At Rockport Eye Associates, our goal is to make your child’s experience here a pleasant and comfortable one; even fun! After all, a trip to see our Aransas County eye doctor will not cause him or her any pain or discomfort. Dr. Nichole Q. Soto will take the time and patience to make sure your child knows what is happening during her or his eye exam and what it means. With just a little preparation, a pediatric eye exam can be easy on your child and easy on you. We are committed to making that a reality.

Pediatric Eye Exams Aransas County
Pediatric Eye Exams Aransas County

Our Aransas County eye doctor knows that the better prepared your child is for their eye exam, the more at ease they will feel. The thing that is most likely to worry them is that it will hurt. Please assure them that it will not. But do tell them that Dr. Soto will need to put eye drops in their eyes for some parts of the exam. That can sting a little bit and it’s okay for them to know that. Other than that, the experience should be a breeze.

A comprehensive eye exam conducted by our Aransas County eye doctor includes checking both their visual acuity and screening for common eye diseases and problems. The visual testing will involve the use of an eye chart, provided that your child is old enough to read. If so, the eye chart will be used along with pictures and letters to help Dr. Soto determine your child’s visual acuity. If your child is not old enough to read, his or her vision can still be tested using “the tumbling E game.” A series of E’s are presented and your child says which direction they are pointing. It is fun and effective.

Eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, double vision, and drooping eyelid will be part of the evaluation by our Aransas County eye doctor. Many times, eye problems can be present and progress without any symptoms. Since early detection usually leads to the most favorable outcomes, it makes a pediatric eye exam all the more important to your child’s continued eye health.

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