Designer sunglasses in Portland

Designer Sunglasses in Portland

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Designer sunglasses in Portland

The heat of summer may be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of good weather in store, and that means being outdoors. Well, you don’t want to be outdoors without designer sunglasses in Portland from us at Rockport Eye Associates. On sunny days, they keep you shielded from bright glare. On windy days, they keep your eyes from drying out. And on all days, they keep you from the harm of invisible, but hazardous, ultraviolet (UV) rays. And that doesn’t even count how great they look on your face.

UVA and UVB rays are not seasonal. They’re around all year, and you need something to block out 100% of both of them; not just most of them. Our designer sunglasses in Portland do that. Don’t trust the safety of your eyes to sunglasses you find on a rack at your local convenience store or in a kiosk at the mall. We’re your experts when it comes to eyewear, so take advantage of our knowledge and our commitment to high quality. Speaking of which, some of the brand names that we are pleased to feature here include Michael Kors, Costa Del Mar, Vera Wang, Safilo, Polo, and Marchon. Our optical specialist will also match up our designer sunglasses in Portland to your skin tone and your face shape. Do you like to be noticed? Maybe you prefer an understated look. For either, or anything between, we have something just for you, along with choices to fit comfortably in your budget. And on the subject of comfort, there is every reason to be confident in how they’ll fit, because we make sure of it.

Just stop on in and let us show you what we have in our inventory. If you would like our designer sunglasses in Portland to also correct your vision, then contact us first to arrange a time for an eye exam.

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