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Are you tired of your standard eyeglasses failing to meet the rigorous needs of your day to day life? Or are you simply bored of purchasing the same basic pair of eyeglasses year after year? Whether you’re looking for a unique design or simply a more durable pair of frames, designer eyeglasses offer more distinctive fashions and incredible technology than ever before. Today’s latest advances in optical technology have crafted eyeglasses that not only improve your vision, but also your way of life. A better way of seeing starts with a visit to your source for designer frames in Rockport at the welcoming offices of the Rockport Eye Associates.

Standard eyeglasses often fail to meet the needs of patients with vision problems for a variety of reasons. Not only do they often possess poorer quality than handmade eyeglasses from designer companies, but they can also simply fail to possess the additional features which so many of us need in today’s busy world to see clearly and safely. For those who lead an active lifestyle, sports eyeglasses from Nike Vision offer unique features which cannot be found anywhere else. From regular ophthalmic eyeglasses to prescription sunglasses, Nike Vision offers athletes from all backgrounds and areas of competition the technology they can count on to play harder and see more clearly when you need it most. Polycarbonate lenses with reinforced frames and rubber coatings work to create active eyeglasses that move with you and protect your eyes from impact, with polarized and tinted coatings available to cut down on glare and block harmful UV rays. Nike Vision has also partnered with Transitions to create unique frames which work to increase contrast on the golf course, so you can see ahead more clearly than ever before. For kids and adults looking for sleek metal frames that can stand up to everything your life throws your way, Flexon designer frames in Rockport by Marchon work to move with impacts by flexing when force is applied to prevent damage even when crushed, twisted, or crunched. Costa Del Mar sunglasses primarily provide eyewear for clear vision on the water, with specialized tints to increase contrast depending on time of day and even types of water to help you see what’s out there.

From Coach to RayBan and everything in between, you can always be sure to find the perfect designer frames in Rockport at the esteemed practice of the Rockport Eye Associates. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 50 years with the latest advances in optical technology and vision wear to meet the needs of patients of all ages. With designer frames at great prices from Rockport Eye Associates, you can enjoy visual clarity that fits into your way of life.

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