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Finding the Right Eyeglasses for your Face Shape

Copano Village TX Eyeglasses
Copano Village TX Eyeglasses

How do you find the right eyeglasses for your face shape? It’s easy when you get them at Rockport Eye Associates. Our optical department are experts at assisting you in finding the ideal frames.

Certainly, the most vital feature of our Copano Village TX eyeglasses is how well they allow you to see. Your prescription, written out by our optometrist after having given you a comprehensive eye exam, will suit you perfectly. You will achieve the highest degree of vision you are able to as a result. However, unlike in the past, when glasses were strictly functional, our Copano Village TX eyeglasses offer you an impressive array of styles and colors to choose from. But what is not widely known is that by selecting a pair that match up with your face shape, you can greatly enhance how good they look on you. Everyone’s face will fall into one of six general types: oval, square, oblong, round, diamond, or heart. It may seem to make sense that you should get the same shape of frames as your face, but surprisingly, the opposite is true. Round or oval frames are often the most flattering for a square face. Oddly, square frames are not. And face shape is just one consideration that we make when helping you to find the eyeglasses that work for you. Skin tone is also important in deciding on color. Because we have only the finest brand names in designer eyewear among our collection of frames, you can be sure that you are getting quality. Coach, Marchon, Safilo, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, and Aspex are just a few of the designer names we’re proud to have.

Begin by scheduling an eye exam at our store. Call us today. We are full-service and committed to the utmost of attentive care from the moment you walk through our door until you are 100% satisfied with your glasses.

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