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Aransas Pass Diabetic Exam

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Diabetic Retinal Eye Examinations in Aransas Pass

Aransas Pass diabetic exam
Aransas Pass diabetic exam

Diabetes is responsible for many threats to your health. This includes danger that affects your eyes. You could experience physical damage, vision loss, even blindness. At Rockport Eye Associates, a yearly visit to us for a diabetic retinal eye examination is the best way to ensure that the consequences of type 1 or type 2 diabetes do not overcome you.

Unfortunately, there are no obvious early warning symptoms of diabetes when it comes to your eyes. If you don’t get the needed attention beforehand, the onset of symptoms may subject you to bad results that cannot be reversed. Among them are damaged retinal blood vessels, hemorrhaging, glaucoma, loss of vision, and even death. There’s no reason to be alarmed right now, but since diabetes does have life threatening implications, there is every reason to come in for our Aransas Pass diabetic exam. Early diagnosis is most closely associated with positive outcomes. Some of the common signs of diabetes in your eyes are floaters (spots that appear in your field of vision), blurry vision, problems in perception of colors, and vision loss of any amount. In the instance where you experience one or more of them, don’t wait. Have our Aransas Pass diabetic exam right away. If there has been no harm to your retinal blood vessels, the treatment strategy is to do a more effective job of keeping your blood sugar within normal levels. By working in conjunction with your primary care doctor or diabetes specialist, you and our eye doctor can reduce the odds of your eyes becoming affected permanently. Diet, exercise, and medication are all components of blood sugar control.

Don’t wait to contact our office and book a time to visit us for our Aransas Pass diabetic exam. Your eyes and your vision mean way too much to put them at unnecessary risk.

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