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Are you tired of your cumbersome ophthalmic eyeglass frames getting in the way of your life? Often times the frames we need every day to see clearly and live our lives to the fullest are the very same which can make it difficult for us to do the things we love most. Fortunately, there are other means of correcting vision problems that can are both comfortable and affordable, without the need for optical surgery. To find out how if your optical problem is right for treatment via prescription contact lenses, simply book a contact lens eye exam with the experts in your area at your local Aransas County optical store of the Rockport Eye Associates.

78382 Contact Lenses

78382 Contact Lenses

The most popular type of contact lens in use today are soft contact lenses. These comfortable prescription contact lenses can be used by your trusted Aransas County optical store to treat the most common optical conditions that our patients offer suffer from, including hyperopia, myopia, as well as mild to severe cases of astigmatism. The latter of which uses a special type of contact lens known as a toric lens to solve refraction problems causes by astigmatism to give you clear vision. Soft contacts come in a wide variety of disposable styles, including daily disposables, extended wear for over 14 hours of comfort, as well as overnight lenses that do not need to be removed before going to bed. Soft contact lenses have a style to fit everyone’s way of life.

For those who suffer from more severe vision problems, rigid gas permeable lenses offer patients improved visual clarity, and the ease of no needing a disposable lens. A pair of gas permeable contact lenses from your professional Aransas County optical store can last for an entire year with proper care, as long as proper removal and cleaning are observed as instructed by your doctor. While soft contacts are often limited in conditions which they can treat, rigid contact lenses can be used to treat severe cases of astigmatism, and other debilitating optical conditions. Rigid gas permeable lenses require an adjustment period, but in some cases this momentary discomfort allows for better eyesight. Patients who have begun to wear rigid gas permeable lenses to treat keratoconus often report even greater visual clarity than they previously found with prescription eyeglasses.

To find out which style of contact lenses are right for your unique optical and visual needs, simply visit your neighborhood Aransas County optical store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the Rockport Eye Associates have been proudly serving your local community for over 50 years. We strive to stay educated on the latest advancements in optical technology to provide the best care possible to our patients. With contact lenses from Rockport Eye Associates you can see clearly in a beautiful new way.

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